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Meet Our Staff

Aldie Counseling Center has built a reputation for compassionate service at every turn. Our staff has a strong diversity of educational background, experience, training, and approaches to substance use disorder treatment. This diversity has strengthened our commitment to helping people of all cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds whose lives have been affected by alcohol and other drugs.

Executive Staff:

Chief Executive Officer:

Gerald Birkelbach, MRP

Chief Financial Officer:

Stephanie Farley, CPA, MBA

Director of Clinical Programming:

Melinda Goodwin, LCSW, CAADC


Medical Director

Eugene Zenone, M.D.


Paul Schaefer, M.D.


Pharmacotherapy Medical Staff:

Eugene Zenone, M.D., Pharmaco Medical Director

Kimberly Shomo, LPN, Director of Nursing Services

Kim Anderson, RN

Jean Hollander, RN

Kathleen Ferber, LPN

Sarah Webber, CRNP


Pharmacotherapy Medical Staff:

Mary Kamu, R.N., Director Of Nursing Services

Christina Grauwickel, LPN., Dispensing Nurse

Clinical Directors


Director of Pharmacotherapy Program:

Amanda Johns, LSW


Director of Pharmacotherapy Program:

Rachel Lee, LSW, MSW, M.Ed

Business & Fiscal Administration:

Business Office

Pamela Thomas, Operations Manager & Community Relations Coordinator

Fiscal Manager

Michelle Keyte

Fiscal Technician

Lea Salomon

Fiscal Assistant
Zubin White

Jennifer Sharp

Karen Schneider, CPA

Doylestown Staff

Counselors & Therapists:

Sarah Brady, M.S., LPC, NCC

Robert Dunning, B.S., CAC, C.C.D.P.

Ryan Lynch, LCSW, M.Ed, Drug Court Coordinator

Christiana Mastrominas, M.S., LCSW

Natalie Metzger, M.S., LPC

Elizabeth, Otto, M.A.

Carrie Uzelac, M.A.

Jody Rosenblum, MSW, LCSW

Sharon Rosenthal, M.S., LPC

Victoria Sayles, MA, LPC, CAADC

Jessica Studer, LSW, M. Ed.

Vernica Williams, MSW

Ryan Cocron, M.F.T

Emily Micucci, LSW

Abagail Waight, BA

Kirsten Custis, MS

Clinical Outreach Coordinator:

Amanda Johns, LSW, MSW

Trauma Treatment Coordinator:

Gabriella Arciniega, M.S, LPC

Outpatient Supervisor:


Receptionists & Clerks:

Kelly Kurtz

Joanne Gimson

Janice Winthers

Nancy Doucette

Mary Lou Welhaf, Admin Secretary

Kara Brennan, Office Assistant

Giovanna Vogt, Pharmaco Assistant

Assessment Counselors:

Melissa B. Cashman, M.S.

Laura Velas, B.S.

Client Engagement Services:

Rachael Heiser, CRS

Carole Kramer, B.S.

Langhorne Staff

Director of Pharmacotherapy Program:

Rachel Lee, LSW, MSW, M.Ed

Counselors & Therapists:

Marcy Abhau, M.A.

Stacy Amoroso, M.A.

Danette Blue, M.S.

Thomas Brighter, C.A.C., C.C.D.P.

Jennifer Bryan-Kemps, M.A.

Ellise Butka, M.A.

Kristina Callahan, M.S., LPC

Virgina Clarke, M.S.

Sofie Heyman, M.S., MFT

Jennifer A. Naspinski, M.S.

Kathleen Ruiz, LPC, M.S.

Stephanie Szcepanski, M.S.

Lisa Barrett, M.A.

Lisa Mastoon, MFT

Mark Ross, M.S.

Tanvi Gupta, M.A.

Trauma Treatment Coordinator:

Gabriella Arciniega, M.S., LPC

Outpatient Clinical Supervisor:

Suzanne Dorfman, M.Ed., LPC

Receptionists & Clerks:

Kimberly Belmont

Amanda Fink

Ariana Kania

Jackie Acevedo

Jennifer Goddard

Kahlil Thomas

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