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Level of Care Assessment

At Aldie Counseling Center, we strive to help clients find supportive treatment programs that meet their needs. In order to do so, we conduct a Level of Care Assessment for every client. These crucial assessments allow us to determine the right path for each individual client.

This evaluation determines the severity of any problems and the level of treatment that would be most appropriate. During your assessment, a trained assessor will talk with you about your use of alcohol and other drugs, past substance abuse or mental health treatment, your living situation and family relationships, employment, medical history, legal issues, and more. We then review the information gathered and compare it to criteria determined by the Pennsylvania Department of Drug and Alcohol Programs in order to arrive at the appropriate level of care. Your assessor will discuss this with you and make a clinical recommendation.


Confidentiality is a concern for many people seeking alcohol or substance abuse treatment. They are looking for help with issues that are deeply personal and want to have control over who finds out about their experiences. The federal and state governments have a number of laws and regulations in place to protect the safety and confidentiality of anyone who seeks treatment for drug or alcohol addiction. All employees of Aldie Counseling Center are trained to comply with all federal and state confidentiality laws and to hold all clients’ identities and experiences in the strictest confidence. The scope and limitations of these laws will be explained at the time of your assessment and you will have the opportunity to designate who, if anyone, you want to have access to information about your treatment.

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Intake and Referrals

Aldie Counseling Center has a number of treatment programs to meet your needs. If the results of the assessment indicate that one of these programs would be appropriate for you, and you wish to begin treatment, a follow-up appointment will be scheduled with one of our therapists for an intake session. If the assessment indicates that a residential placement is appropriate, for detoxification or residential rehabilitation, our assessors can help secure funding from your insurance provider. Uninsured Bucks County residents may also qualify for a subsidy from the county to cover the cost of inpatient treatment.

When You Arrive

When you arrive at one of our facilities for your assessment, you will first meet with a Client Services Facilitator, who will review your method of payment for treatment, which may include insurance, self-pay, or county subsidy. You will also be asked some preliminary questions for screening purposes. Most often, you will then move on to your assessment. However, certain circumstances require more immediate attention and may result in a referral to the emergency room. Aldie is an outpatient service provider and, as such, is not equipped to handle medical emergencies.

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