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Aldie Counseling Center—
Meeting your addiction treatment needs with individual, group and family therapy.

Individual Therapy

If the assessment indicates that one of Aldie’s programs would be the appropriate level of care, and if you agree to begin treatment at Aldie, you will be given an appointment for an intake session with a primary therapist who will work with you throughout your treatment experience at Aldie, even if you move from one program to another.

You and your primary therapist will review the problems that brought you to Aldie and will develop a Treatment Plan based on your strengths and needs as revealed in the assessment. Your Treatment Plan is a collaborative effort based on the goals and objectives you want to achieve with professional guidance and support by your primary therapist. Your Treatment Plan will include the number of individual and group therapy sessions you will attend plus any other services you may need such as psychiatric evaluation, peer support, family counseling, etc. Length of treatment will also be projected.

Group Therapy

Group therapy has proven to be an especially effective treatment modality for people dealing with alcohol or other drug abuse or dependency. Aldie groups are facilitated by professional counselor/therapists. Groups can be structured or more free-flowing; they may be time-limited or ongoing. Groups offered at Aldie include:

You and your primary therapist will decide which group(s) would be of most benefit to you in attaining and enhancing your recovery.

Family Therapy

As discussed in the Concerned Others section of this website, substance abuse and dependency have a profound effect on the whole family. Aldie believes that it is important to address the well-being of the family unit as well as that of the individual substance abuser. Often, relationships have been strained or broken as communication often breaks down. Family sessions are designed to provide understanding and support of all concerned.

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