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Aldie Counseling Center—
Providing short-term alternative housing for men in early recovery.

Aldie’s transitional houses are located in Doylestown, about a block north of the Bucks County Courthouse. The program provides a safe, supportive environment for men in the early stages of recovery from chemical dependency. 

Referral sources are community professionals, family members, or the individual himself. Candidates are interviewed by the Transitional Housing Coordinator at Aldie Counseling Center. Interviews can take place at the Bucks County Correctional Facility, area hospitals, rehabilitation facilities. The candidate's motivation for recovery and need for housing are primary considerations.

Criteria Include:

Services offered to clients include referral to treatment, case management, connection to employment or training situations, therapeutic house groups, and a drug and alcohol-free, safe environment to support sobriety. Random urine screens are done to monitor abstinence.

House rules include abstinence, adherence to a treatment program, adherence to probation or parole requirements, no threats or acts of violence, participation in house activities, and participation in one house committee. House committees include the Community Service Committee, the Recreation Committee, and the Rules Committee.

Sobriety goals, vocational goals, family goals and treatment goals are set at the beginning of a house member's stay. The resident meets with the house manager each month to review progress toward goals, and to focus on concrete steps needed to achieve the goals.

Men are discharged successfully when they have completed treatment, maintained sobriety, met their goals, and have plans for other sober, supportive housing.

Administrative discharge occurs when residents break house rules, show overall minimal progress, or add toxicity to the community of house residents.

Interested individuals can call Aldie at 215-345-8530 ext. 119 and ask for Joyce Beeman, Transitional House Coordinator.

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