I believe that my therapist has helped me in a way no one else could. The staff here is like a family.

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Aldie Counseling Center—
Facilitating inspiration, support and guidance from peers.

Aldie employs individuals who are willing to share their personal experience with people in early recovery, befriending and encouraging Aldie clients to find the help that they need. Some think of Peer Support as "recovery coaching."

Peer Support does not replace professional counseling - it is an adjunctive service to promote the recovery process. Peers model a healthy lifestyle and demonstrate proper boundaries, detachment and the need to commit to do the work necessary to change dysfunctional lifestyles into a more fulfilling, vigorous way of life. Because Peers have "walked the walk," they can provide inspiration to those just beginning the journey.

Once you have entered treatment at Aldie, if you or your therapist believes that you could benefit from Peer Support, your therapist will make a referral to an Aldie Peer, who will contact you and determine how to best help. You might need assistance in applying for Medical Assistance, in finding medical treatment or connecting with vocational or educational services. You might be uncomfortable going to your first AA meeting, and the Peer will meet you at the meeting to make it easier for you. Peer Support can be there for support and guidance.

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