I believe that my therapist has helped me in a way no one else could. The staff here is like a family.

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Aldie Counseling Center—
Offering support services when traditional substance abuse treatment isn't enough.

Aldie's Mobile Engagement Services (MES) program is designed to make drug and alcohol services more effective and efficient and to engage the substance abuser in treatment. MES is not formal "treatment," but establishes the conditions necessary for recovery to occur. The program does so by:

Services Provided Through MES

Who Can Benefit From MES?

How To Get Started

To access MES, contact Aldie Doylestown at 215-345-8530 or Aldie Langhorne at 215-642-3230, ask for MES and describe your situation to the MES Worker. During that conversation recommendations will be made regarding how to proceed. The MES Worker will continue to interact, even on a daily basis, until you get the help you need. Arrangements can be made to have a MES Worker visit you in your home.

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