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Aldie Counseling Center—
Offering a comprehensive outpatient gambling recovery program.

Aldie is certified by the Pennsylvania Department of Drug and Alcohol as a facility to provide assistance to individuals suffering from problem gambling. Our Gambling Recovery Program is a comprehensive outpatient counseling program open to adult and adolescent residents of Bucks County. The program is available to at-risk, problem, compulsive and pathological gamblers. Family members of individuals suffering from a gambling addiction are also eligible for counseling services. Through a process of private and confidential counseling sessions, affected individuals and their families are provided with the resources, tools, and support necessary to make sustaining life changes.

Each person who is interested in the program meets for an assessment with a qualified Gambling Counselor. If treatment is recommended, and agreed to by the client, a comprehensive individualized treatment plan is developed. Each person's individualized treatment plan encompasses both strengths and needs and includes triggers for use, alternative behaviors, and support systems. Family sessions are encouraged as part of the treatment plan.

Aldie will work with you to determine the most cost-effective way to pay for treatment. If you have commercial insurance coverage we will contact your provider to determine the extent of any coverage. If you do not have insurance, or if your insurance will not cover treatment, Aldie will seek reimbursement from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

To learn more about how Aldie can help you or someone you know with problem gambling call us at
215-345-8530 and ask to speak to a client services facilitator, or by e-mail at gambling@aldie.org.

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