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Discovering where your treatment should begin on your road to recovery.

Assessment is where you begin. It determines the level of severity of any problems and the level of treatment that would be most appropriate.

A trained assessor will talk with you for about an hour, completing a questionnaire about your use of alcohol and other drugs, living situation, family relationships, employment, medical history, past substance abuse treatment, any legal history or mental health treatment, etc. You may be asked to provide a urine sample for screening.

The information that is gathered is reviewed and compared to criteria determined by the Pennsylvania Department of Health to arrive at the appropriate level of care needed. The assessor will discuss this will you and make a recommendation. We recommend – but you decide.

You will be asked to sign a lot of forms, most of which are required by funding sources if you need to have the cost of your treatment subsidized by county or state. Other forms include your consent to participate in treatment at Aldie and an acknowledgement that you understand our instructions with regard to treatment and/or providing documentation about residence, income, funding applications, etc. If you want us to release information to your doctor, family, attorney, employer, criminal justice or social service agencies, you will need to sign an authorization form allowing us to do so. We cannot release information about your presence at Aldie without a written consent.

It is possible that treatment will not be recommended, based on the information you have supplied. If you have been referred to Aldie by a DUI agency, judge or probation officer for assessment of alcohol/drug issues, our recommendation may conflict with their requirements. In that case, you must talk with them about what they want you to do. Your relationship with those entities is separate from your relationship with Aldie.

If you need a referral to an inpatient facility or another service provider, Aldie can assist you.

If it is determined that Aldie can provide the appropriate level of care, and you agree to attend treatment at Aldie, you will be given an appointment for intake with a primary therapist.

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