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For Professionals

Aldie Counseling Center—
Collaborating with professionals to insure favorable outcomes.

Aldie welcomes professional referrals and works collaboratively with referring professionals to insure smooth treatment transitions and favorable outcomes for clients.


If you suspect that a patient may be misusing alcohol or other drugs, you can refer them to Aldie for a professional assessment to determine the level of severity of any problem and the level of treatment that would be most appropriate (or to rule out the need for treatment). We can provide a variety of outpatient treatment experiences, or we can assist with an inpatient detox or rehab admission, with outpatient continuing care. You can give the client our phone number or have the client call from your office to talk with our Client Services Facilitator (215-345-8530 in Doylestown or 215-642-3230 in Langhorne).

Aldie encourages clients to allow us to coordinate treatment with PCPs and other referring physicians. With the client's authorization, we can provide you with assessment results, treatment plans, progress reports and discharge summaries. It is our practice to notify a PCP when a client has a psychiatric evaluation at Aldie and medication is prescribed, unless the client refuses us permission to do so.

Aldie treats alcohol/drug abuse and dependency as a holistic problem, and we include a client's physical wellbeing as part of his/her recovery. We value the role the physician can play in the full recovery of our clients and we welcome the opportunity for a collaborative approach to treatment. The consequences of alcohol and drug use can be far-reaching – playing a role in the cause and progression of many medical disorders.

While many patients do not volunteer information about their alcohol or drug use, doctors are in a unique position to discuss alcohol and drug-using behaviors with patients and to influence them in addressing these behaviors that can lead to or aggravate serious medical problems. Aldie would be happy to have one of our healthcare professionals talk with you about a mutual patient, or to discuss screening tools you might want to incorporate into your practice.


Sometimes, a brush with the law brings reality crashing down on a person who has not previously recognized the negative impact alcohol/drug use has been having on his/her life. A client's legal problem may present an opportunity for the attorney to suggest that a professional assessment would benefit the client, determining the severity of drinking or drug use and recommending a course of treatment to intervene in destructive behaviors. With the client's authorization, Aldie can provide the attorney with assessment results, progress reports, etc.

To refer a client to Aldie, you can give the client our phone number or have the client call from your office to talk with our Client Services Facilitator (215-345-8530 in Doylestown or 215-642-3230 in Langhorne).

Hospitals / Inpatient Rehab Treatment Providers

When a client has completed treatment at your facility, Aldie is ready to provide step-down continuing care, offering a Partial Hospital Program (PCP – 10 to 16 hrs per week), an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP - 5 to 9 hrs per week) or traditional outpatient treatment which usually consists of a weekly individual or family session and one or more group therapy sessions each week.

We have found it best to make an aftercare appointment directly with the client (as opposed to having the hospital set up the appointment for the client), so we advise that when you call us to arrange a referral for continuing care, you have the client with you so that we can talk with him/her in addition to talking with you. Too often, a continuing care appointment made for a client by an inpatient facility is easily forgotten or ignored. Our experience has shown that the compassionate voice of an Aldie Client Service Facilitator seems to help the client feel connected and more willing to keep an appointment commitment.

Aldie may be able to have one of our Mobile Engagement Services (MES) workers visit the client while s/he is still in your care, thus engaging and encouraging the client to continue on the road to recovery that started with an inpatient experience.

To refer a client to Aldie:

  1. Call Aldie's Client Services Facilitator (215-345-8530 in Doylestown or 215-642-3230 in Langhorne).
  2. Have the client with you when you call so that Aldie can set an appointment directly with the client.
  3. Arrange to have a Discharge Summary sent to Aldie.

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